Jobs at Ocuco

Why Ocuco?

To become part of the world of Ocuco is to join in a story marked by huge challenges and the success of projects which seemed impossible to most people. To work here is to work at one of the greatest powerhouses of software culture in the world, developing your skills alongside the very best professionals in the sector. However, joining our company is only the first step along a pathway of continuous learning. To work at Ocuco is to expand your knowledge, to fulfil it and, above all, to translate it into operations at the very forefront of the sector. Working here means developing solutions to extremely complex problems. Working with us means making an impact in ambitious projects. To date Ocuco has invested over £20 million in R&D, making our Practice Management Software suites the leading optical software systems in the industry.

The value of our employees

Ocuco is a dynamic, expanding, international Irish-owned software company with headquarters in Dublin 15 and offices in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. Ocuco offers its employees not just job opportunities but careers both nationally and internationally. We are looking for people who are eager to challenge themselves and who are hungry for success. We invest heavily in developing and training our employees.

Global presence

Ocuco offers you the chance to work in many different business areas, both in Ireland and abroad.Ocuco is present in 8 countries and employs over 100 people, so working here means building relationships with people of different cultures and varied backgrounds. Working with cultural diversity - in the widest sense of the phrase - is an essential part of our business, which has a strongly international character.

The importance of our people

The central importance of individuals and their welfare, the development of their capabilities and skills, and the creation of a working environment that gives everyone the same opportunities on the basis of the common standards of merit and non-discrimination are all parts of Ocuco's culture - they represent the fundamental basis for the success of the company.

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