Innovations Basic

Innovations Basic is the entry-level version of the powerful Innovations Lab Management Software. Intended for lower volume labs who require superior lens calculations, simple data entry, and a minimum of support, Innovations Lite is self-installable and easy to use.

  • Job Entry
  • Lens Calculation
  • Lens Database
  • Frame Library Capability
  • Options:
  • - Machine interfaces: Gerber Coburn, SatisLOH, Nidek, Optronics

    - Developer's Kit for job entry from other systems.

Innovations Lab Management




Innovations Basic features include:

Windows® technology

The standard for ease of use Innovations Lite uses familiar Windows controls and graphics. Online help for Innovations Lite and optical topics reduces training time and boosts productivity.

Multi-tasking aids productivity

More work gets done faster with Windows. Multiple Innovations Lite tasks can run alongside programs for Email, fax,word processing and spreadsheets.

Job entry and lens processing

Rapid "intelligent" order entry. Prescriptions are entered as written. "Smart" drop-down lists display only relevant choices. Mistakes are immediately corrected.

Accurate calculations

Surfacing and finishing calculations are done automatically after entry of Rx information and lens data.

Compatible with most systems

Gerber Coburn and other manufacturers' equipment are supportd by printed job ticket information and optional direct machine interfaces.

Intelligent job entry

Job Entry sets up orders quickly and accurately using settings customized for your lab. Operators quickly adapt to Innovations Lite's well-designed graphics, clear text, and familiar Windows® controls. The result is a job entry process that uses sophisticated computing to make complex order entry comfortable, accurate, and fast.

Job entry features

Windows® user interface text and graphics present information in an easily understood layout. Operators can rapidly jump between screens or data items using standard Windows commands.

Rapid data entry

All items can be entered rapidly from the keyboard. Common jobs require the fewest entries. Items such as prism are skipped for simple prescriptions, but can still be accessed with a single keystroke for more complex jobs.

Immediate feedback

Error checking occurs with each entry rather than after an entire form has been filled out.

Orders are entered as written

Prescription entry is intuitive, since it mimics a written Rx. Information is entered in a form that is comfortable for the prescriber and order entry operator. For instance, cylinder can be entered in a plus form, and will be transposed to a minus on the screen. Numbers can be entered with or without decimal points (-4.75 and -475 are both acceptable).

Smart drop-down lists

To simplify and speed up the choice of options, lists appear with only those items that make sense for the current job.

Online help

Help screens can be accessed any time to describe job entry items and software controls.

On-screen job summary

A complete job summary builds up at the bottom of each screen as data is entered. This summary is always visible no matter where the operator is in the order entry process. In addition, the operator can jump to any job entry screen by selecting the corresponding row on the job summary.