Innovations modules

Shop Monitor
Shop Monitor is an advanced productivity tracking system that will allow you to monitor the performance and productivity of your equipment, departments, and personnel.  

Shop Monitor utilizes customizable access points to track the workflow and throughput in the lab.  Access points consist of machines, computers, or scanners. Machines are devices that will communicate with Machine Interface. Computers are scan stations in which one utilizes Job Tracking to update statuses. Scanners are devices that will communicate with Scanner Interface.

  • Advanced productivity tracking system for personnel and equipment
  • Customizable workflow access points
  • Machines, Computers, and Scanners

Customer Maintenance
Customer Maintenance will allow you to maintain your customers and master data.  This advanced module goes beyond the name and address and includes contact names, sales representatives, pricing, and accounting informations as well as functions to export your data to Excel.   The master data function allows personalization of the countries, currencies, languages, banking institutions, payment options, specialized instructions, and customizable fields.
Customer Maintenance

  • Maintain customer database
  • Customizable Master data

Pricing & Stock Orders
Detailed pricing is now available for Innovations.   This pricing module will produce an invoice based on associated pricelists for lenses, frames, and miscellaneous items.   These pricelists can be allocated to customers based on customized ranges, fixed costs, and cost plus pricing.   Stock Order Entry gives one the ability to create non-rx orders for lenses, frames, and miscellaneous items to be sold to customers and accounts without an rx entry.  Stock Order Entry will create an invoice directly.

  • Customized pricelists for lenses, frames, and miscellaneous items
  • Customizable invoices
  • Create non-rx orders and invoices

No data on website or brochure
The Innovations Freeform module allows your lab to integrate Freeform lens surfacing seamlessly in your production workflow, without re-keying any information.

  • All jobs, freeform and conventional pass through Innovations, no need to rekey
  • Lens data from manufacturers preloaded on the system
  • Links to CZV, Essilor, Seiko, Shamir, Hoya, Signet Armorlite, IOT, Innovations Digital, Optovision, Scopus and more