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The Ocuco partnership with Nathean Technologies was established in 2006 to provide advanced Business Intelligence for Acuitas users. Optrafair 2007 saw Ocuco and Nathean Technologies launch Acuitas Logix, a unique analytics solution providing groundbreaking clinical and retail analysis. The result of a year of research and innovation between the two companies, Acuitas Logix was received enthusiastically by users, practice managers and corporate visitors alike. The Acuitas Logix viewer delivers information across the practice including patient status, recalls, diary appointments, diary allocation, optical exams, handovers, stock, orders, brand performance and more.

Nathean Technologies Ltd. is a leading Irish developer and provider of Data Analysis, Reporting Solutions and Consulting Services.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the set of technologies and tools that are used to gather, store and analyse data in an organisation. It is designed to enhance the quality of data and popular tools include dashboards, queries, reporting and search. BI is used to extract value from data systems and applications to make more informed business decisions.

Why Implement Business Intelligence?

BI has become a key driver to success in many organisations today as it significantly improves business performance and delivers cost savings and efficiencies. According to Gartner, organisations are rapidly embracing the value of data discovery, empowering end users to model, navigate and visualise data. BI is a vital tool that can be used to make businesses smarter, more agile and efficient.

What are the types of Business Intelligence available?

There are three main types of Business Intelligence:

  • Strategic: Provides information to assist high level senior management and executives make strategic decisions and targets which lead to high quality results.
  • Tactical: Commonly referred to as “analytical BI”, Tactical BI is used for the day-to-day decisions across departments and units.
  • Operational: This delivers information to the front-line end users where it is used as part of the operational process.

Key Benefits of Implementing Business Intelligence:


  • Transforms data into key information
  • Faster, more informed decision making
  • Eliminates costs and delays
  • Aligns business to overall goals and objectives
  • Tracks key performance indicators
  • Identify patterns and trends
  • Reduces overall workload

Official BI tool for Acuitas Users: Acuitas Logix

Acuitas Logix, with its unique pre-packaged self service analytics, empowers users to quickly and easily access and analyse the data they need. Using simple drag and drop functionality, questions and the resulting answers can be analysed reducing the need for time-consuming corruptible spreadsheets or the creation of customised reports.

Acuitas Logix offers significant Return on Investment from Day One allowing you to easily analyse:

  • Patient Status
  • Recalls
  • Diary Appointments
  • Diary Allocation
  • Optical Exams
  • Handover Analysis
  • Stock
  • Orders
  • Brand Performance

Logix plays a major role in the daily management of the business and has widespread usage within our Head Office team, especially with regard to sales monitoring, stock control and marketing.” - Russell Tallyn, Management Accountant, Rayner Opticians


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Read how Acuitas Logix is empowering local management and merchandising in retail multiples, you can download the full case study here.

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